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Gerald Rupp, PhD.

Jerry has over 25 years of experience in a wide range of healthcare-related activities. As a healthcare executive, he co-developed and co-administered programs focused on healthcare delivery and payment-model reforms, including bundled payments. He also provided oversight, guidance, and operational structure for the Maternity Care Home care management program to address psychosocial needs for high-risk Medicaid mothers and their children. The results included enhanced care delivery, improved quality of care, and improved outcomes at a lower cost.


Jerry has also served in an advocacy role for the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service and the Innovation Center, provided information to legislators, and advocated for reform in healthcare delivery and payment policy. Previously, Jerry served as Executive Director and VP of Research at the Institute for Science and Health, where among other accomplishments, he raised corporate funding for targeted health-science research programs for rare or underfunded diseases. 


In addition to his experience as a healthcare executive and researcher, Jerry served as a professor of anatomy and authored over 30 peer-reviewed research articles.

 Chief Innovation Officer